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Fall Commissions

August 16th, 2016





Following Labor Day (maybe a little sooner) you’ll start to see the following drawings get sculpted into finished clocks. These are five different quartz pieces that have been commissioned to be finished toward the end of this year. Construction will commence immediately following the completion of a mechanized door that I’ve been working on (post on that coming early next month).

If you’re interested in commissioning a piece for yourself, feel free to email me at:

…or, you can use the contact page on this site.

Thank you!

“Redux V”

June 16th, 2016













Back in 2008, I completed my fifth mechanical clock simply titled “Mechanical No.5”. It used kitikata rice paper to set off the numbers on these sort of fanned-out panels, it used a reliable and accurate dead-beat-style escapement, and it featured magnifying lenses to accent the hands. That clock received a lot of attention when it was posted online, and was one of my favorites, so a revisitation of that style was in order. “Redux V” is titled as such not only because of the revival of “Mechanical No.5”, but also fits because the five is a dominant visual element on the clock.

Final measurements: 30” tall (without pendulum and weight) 14” wide, and 7” deep.

I’ll be shooting a short video of the piece soon.



May 27th, 2016






There’s still quite a bit of work left to do on this piece, but most of the cosmetic things have recently been completed, so it’s really starting to look like something. The paper on the number pieces, fanning out from the center, were re-done quite a few times before I arrived at the right color, and finish. What finally worked was kitikata rice paper, and a subtle oil treatment. That yielded a nice warm color, a tattered surface, and enough contrast to pop the dark colored metal.

Quartz Commission Finished

May 17th, 2016


The double dial piece that I’ve been working on over the last few months is finished. The smaller dial of this piece has a sweep second hand, and the larger dial has the standard minute, and hour hands.


April 25th, 2016






The finished barrel for the latest mechanical piece. I tried to pack a lot of detail into this 5″ gear. I really like the way it turned out!

First Photos

April 18th, 2016


April 15th, 2016


Here’s the latest progress on the double dial quartz piece. The only piece left to cut and assemble are the dial markings. Once that’s finished, I can begin sculpting everything.


April 14th, 2016



This is the finished barrel, great wheel, click assembly for the latest mechanical. The threads provide a guide for the line, so it doesn’t cross while the clock is being wound.

I actually have a weight hanging from it right now, and the clock is running by itself for the first time! (in the last video I was gently pushing on the center gear)

More soon!

One fish two fish

April 13th, 2016




The clock is finally installed in the wine cellar! I have a very large folder full of photos to sift through, so here’s a couple of fisheye shots to hold you over until I can go through everything.

Double dial progress

March 29th, 2016





The body of the double dial piece that I’ve been working on is all cut out, and lining up nicely! The two roman numerals, and the dial markings are on their way.