February 24th, 2019































































This commission will feature a nine-foot handmade chain. The function of this decorative addition is to transfer power from a weight to a sprocket that the chain wraps around, giving the energy to the first large gear in the gear train.

Each link is individually cut out with a jewelers say and carved with a rotary tool. The caps & pins that hold the chain together are seemingly simple, but each of the caps need to be very accurately reamed to be a perfect press-fit with the pins.

Finally there is the sprocket, ratchets, and great-wheel assembly. This ratchet assembly allows the user to crank the weight back to the top for another two weeks of run time. Notice that there are actually two ratchets back-to-back. In between the large ratchet and the gear there is a torsion spring. This has a short power reserve so that the clock will continue running even while the clock is being wound and the main weight is disengaged.

Next will be the polishing and tempering of the steel springs and clicks. Molten salt bath, temperature controlled kilns…fun stuff.

The finished chain will take awhile to create but I’ll also be adding to the length of that for the next post.

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