New Year New Projects

January 5th, 2019





































2019 will be kicking off with a couple of exciting new mechanical pieces.

The first drawing is my very first perpetual-calendar clock titled “Perpetual No.1”. Clock-collectors and watch buffs will know that the word “perpetual” refers to. It means that the calendar mechanism will account for whether there are 30 or 31 days in the month, automatically clicking the indicators forward the correct amount of days. It also accounts for February, in which there are only 28 days and the day indicator needs to automatically move forward four clicks. AND FINALLY it keeps track of leap-year, when every fourth February the hand only goes forward three rather than four. This four year mechanical cycle repeats, “perpetually” keeping track of the month and date forever.

The second drawing is a commission that will commemorate a client’s 50th anniversary. I customized a double-dial design for him based on a piece titled “Mechanical No.6” which was finished a decade ago. I’m really looking forward to creating this one, and really love the design. One notable difference from the piece it’s based on: “Mechanical No.6” had the minutes on the big dial, and the hours on the small dial. This new iteration will have both the minutes and hours on the big dial, and the small dial will feature a second-hand with an exhibition dead-beat escapement in the center. It will also have his birthday in romans, and of course the handmade chain just like the original.

The double-dial commission will be getting most of my attention in the coming months, so a majority of my upcoming posts will be about that. However I already have over 400 hours into the perpetual clock, and I’ll throw up some pictures (and video!) of that piece soon.

One more thing…If you’re interested in commissioning a clock for 2019 I still have room for one more this year. I’ve been drawing and creating lots of clock-plans for future endeavors, and I’ll be posting those soon. Don’t hesitate to email me and I can give you the details about how to have a piece of your own custom made by 2020.

Thank you & Enjoy the new year!

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