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It’s been roughly two months since my last web post, which frankly is a bit disconcerting for me. I find it funny that I’m a clockmaker, and in the temporal vacuum of my basement shop I seem to let months go by before I emerge into the sunlight to revisit the flesh-people. Such is the life of a reclusive independent clockmaker.

Apologies for the absence…not because I’m delusional enough to think that you’ve all been waiting for me, but because now I have to unload a large bucket of progress photos on you to get you up to date.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to. In January, I was contacted by a client in London to create a handmade custom clock for him. He wanted a ticking sculpture in the spirit of “Twisted Twelve”, but with different dimensions, and a one second beat. After some concept work, I began fabrication of this bespoke timepiece.

This clock is actually a bit further along than what’s pictured. I’ll be posting more soon, including the video of it ticking on the wall, in it’s current and nearly complete state.

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Thank you!

New Commission






This next piece is a commission for a client in England. It will be a condensed, and very detailed version of “Twisted Twelve”. This one will be completely mechanical, weight driven and 100% hand made. It should be a fun one!

I’ll be cutting gears soon. Progress posts coming.

Twisted Twelve Version 2








I’ve recently finished up a five foot tall version of “Twisted Twelve” for a client in Seattle. It was a lot of surface area to cover with my grinding tools, but the result is a piece that’s big enough to view from far away, and detailed enough to be appreciated up close.

Posts for the next commission coming soon!

Safe return








After an exhibition in New York, all of my clocks have been safely transported back home to my studio. Hearing the house filled with ticks again brings a satisfied smile to my face. In addition, since there’s a piece on every wall, I have a license to make fun of anyone who asks what the time is (always good for a cheap laugh).

This collection of timepieces is now on sale in the shop of this very site.

Thank you & Enjoy!

Jungers Commission

This is a video that I shot of “The Jungers Commission” after it’s final install in the client’s beautiful wine cellar. If you’re interested in more information about this clock, there was an article on ABLOG TO WATCH that tells the whole story of it’s creation. I hope to some day make more work on this scale.

New Mechanical Finished











This piece is 100% hand made, including hand-machined gears, and hand-threaded screws. It’s powered by a weight, which is wound once a week. It also features a maintaining-spring, which means that it has a reserve of power that keeps it ticking even during winding. I’ve been testing this one for accuracy over the last month, and it has been within two seconds a week.

This clock will be on it’s way to a show in the Hamptons soon. I’ll post details on that later. If you’re interested in this piece, or are curious about commissioning a piece and wait times, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you, and enjoy!

New work










Two new one-of-a-kind clocks are now available in the shop! They will be available for a short time, and then if unsold, they will be sent to the Hamptons for a group show.












Here are a couple of quartz commissions finished earlier this year. If you’re interested in commissioning a piece of your own email me through the contact page of this site, and I can give you pricing and waiting list information.









After two months of grinding, cutting, molding, pouring molten metal, and finishing work, I’ve finally completed my latest limited edition offering. It is now available for purchase in the shop, titled “Horizon”.

It’s been quite some time since my last series, and I’m very happy with this one! The original roman numerals and back-plate were cut from thick 1/4 inch brass, which gave me lots of material to make the parts more three-dimensional. Also, rather than cast the rim and backplate in one piece I decided to make separate molds for each part. This allowed me to sandwich the printed & painted dial in between the rim pieces and face. The result is a construction, and look that matches the original clock.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you!


Here’s a quick recap of the work created in 2016. I’d like to thank every one who kept me busy with commissions throughout the year. I enjoyed working on every single piece, and I hope that it showed in the finished product.











There’s a lot I’d like to tackle in 2017. Here’s what you can expect first:

For quite awhile now, I’ve been refining the design for my next mechanical piece. It’s now been tweaked, re-done, and adjusted through over 30 different versions. I’m finally happy (really excited actually) with the way it looks, and will start cutting in January. It will measure between four and five feet tall. I will post the final rendering of it soon.

I’m also going to be creating a new pewter cast quartz piece. I’m currently working on the original for this one, and I’m taking my time, and combing over every detail. It will be a horizontal piece measuring 24 inches wide. Expect it to be on sale in January.