First Photos



Here’s the latest progress on the double dial quartz piece. The only piece left to cut and assemble are the dial markings. Once that’s finished, I can begin sculpting everything.




This is the finished barrel, great wheel, click assembly for the latest mechanical. The threads provide a guide for the line, so it doesn’t cross while the clock is being wound.

I actually have a weight hanging from it right now, and the clock is running by itself for the first time! (in the last video I was gently pushing on the center gear)

More soon!

One fish two fish




The clock is finally installed in the wine cellar! I have a very large folder full of photos to sift through, so here’s a couple of fisheye shots to hold you over until I can go through everything.

Double dial progress





The body of the double dial piece that I’ve been working on is all cut out, and lining up nicely! The two roman numerals, and the dial markings are on their way.

First Ticks

The first pulse is always one of the best parts of the fabrication process. These are the first ticks of the new mechanical piece that I’ve been working on.

Mechanical Progress

Here’s what I have so far for the mechanical piece I’ve been working on. All of the gears are cut, and all of them, with the exception of the big one, are carved and finished off. I’ve also cut the escapement anchor out of tool steel. The plates for the frame have been cut from 1/4 inch brass, which should make for a very rigid frame for the gears.




Double Dial

This drawing stood out amongst the quartz designs that have emerged from the drafting table lately. It has now been commissioned, and fabrication has begun. It will feature a sweep (continuous movement, rather than ticks) second hand on the smaller dial, and the hour and minute hands will be on the larger dial. It will measure about 32 inches tall.






























First Gears






I did quite a bit of gear designing for the new piece before deciding on a more branchy, natural style. When I held the gear sketches next to the concept drawing, these particular designs fit perfect. I’ve finished the center gear, and also the escape wheel.

New Beginning



The next mechanical creation is officially underway! It’s been quite some time since I’ve said that.

In keeping with the “Mechanical No.5” breed, this one will have magnifying lenses adorning the back of the hands. I’m going to attempt to lay some tiny type on (what’s left of) the dial, which will be read much more easily when the lenses pass over.

About 30” tall
Reliable dead beat style escapement
One second pendulum
One week (8 day) wind time

First cuts coming soon!